• Mösslein provides Solutions for:


    Pathogen control

    Disinfection by-products

    Lead, Copper, and Iron contamination


    On Site Water Treatment

    Aging Infrastructure

    Corrosion and Scale build-up

    Through custom designed solutions and engineered technologies, clients experience dramatic clean water results that reduce or eliminate the need for chemicals such as Chlorine.

  • Clean water facilities

    How wants to drink from a dirty glass? Let´s drink from a clean glass...

    TankActiveClean ist the technology for clean water tanks.

    FilterActiveClean ist the technology to clean filter media.

    PipeActiveClean is the technology to clean pipe systems.

    It needs to remove inorganic and organic deposits, that´s biomass, algae, iron, manganese and calcium scale.

    With a clean facility it stabilizes free chlorine and chloramine residuals – the success is controlable because of lower chlorine demand, extend infrastructure life and improved overall water quality.

  • Infrastructure cleaning, maintenance and engineered systems designed to address your specific problems and needs

  • Cleaning, maintenance, emergency and system engineering services.

  • We provide our customers carefully considered, client-specific, water quality solutions. Our cutting-edge techniques, knowledge and technologies are engineered into every service we offer.

Sustainable engineered Solutions

Service customized to your needs

Our products are environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Our professional service aims to exceed our customer expectations.

Treatment Solutions

Our treatment division develops solutions for your water treatment problems based on an analysis of your water. After our analysis is completed, options of treatment, both chemical and mechanical, are carefully considered utilizing the latest proven techniques, knowledge and technologies. In addition to our customer’s investment costs, our engineers also consider the profitability and serviceable life of your assets during the project planning – because the standing charges are very often the contributing factor.

German engineered technologies for clean and healthy water quality:

Our company offers you the right kind of technique, including set up and commissioning for:

— Cleaning and disinfection solutions for tanks

— Cleaning and disinfection solutions for pipes

— Filter media cleaning and disinfection

— Pipe protection solutions

— Advanced flocculation and coagulation solutions

— Improved swimming pool water

— Treatment devices for filtration without membranes

— The next generation of water hygiene with Probiotics

Chlorine Cannot Win the Battle

Chlorine reacts with biological and mineral contaminants and produces harmful regulated and unregulated disinfectant byproducts (DBPs).

Many of these DPBs are known carcinogens, and/or general health hazards with very low exposure levels. National drinking water regulations now stipulate allowable concentrations of many of these materials.

Furthermore, despite chlorination, communities have experienced massive drinking water contamination events that have led to boil orders, sickness, and even death. In 1993 in Milwaukee, for instance, an outbreak of cryptosporidium sickened 400,000 people and killed more than 100.

Bacteria are also able to develop resistance to chlorine, usually through the formation of biofilm.

When a biofilm forms, 99% of the bacteria that live there are no longer affected by free chlorine.

Chlorine residuals need to be maintained throughout the system, which often means high initial dosage and chlorine-boosting stations.

When chlorine levels are higher, corrosion accelerates and more DPBs are formed.

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