Clean water system infrastructure and storage

TankActiveClean Application

The only current alternatives to the Mösslein process are aggressive chemicals and mechanical cleaning. Both alternatives have limitations and do not effectively both lower long term costs and improve water quality. A great cleaning process should allow for less chlorine usage, reduce DBPs, fight corrosion, and improve water quality. These are the Mösslein promises.

Using aggressive chemicals, mechanical cleaning, or not cleaning water storage tanks are all approaches that expedite the need for full rehabilitation. Structural repairs, sand blasting, and recoating are very expensive and require extended down time. These options are both less effective and more expensive than the Mösslein approach. Many communities have ruled out tank cleaning as a cost effective and beneficial process after experiencing the common alternatives. Not cleaning a water storage tank compounds the problem and results in higher chlorine demand and DBP levels.

The Mösslein process guarantees that water borne deposits on the tank surface are removed in a fast, efficient and effective manner.

The products are specifically developed to remove biofilm and deposits from the surfaces in drinking water systems. The application is a simple process and does not require extensive labor or down time. It has been established that removing biofilm and deposits reduces chlorine demand and DBPs.

The regular use of Mösslein products extends the life of system components, allows for a more complete inspection of the coating, and greatly improves the aesthetics of water storage tanks.

These are the certified and approved solutions from Mösslein. This are low corrosive formulations which remove surface deposits.

Smart Mainteanance for water tanks with the TankActiveClean application

  • Solve the root problem

    Deposits on the inside surfaces of water storage tanks and other facilities, like oxidisers, clear wells and clarifiers will appear and contribute to chlorine demand and cause corrosion.

  • Extends the infrastructures life

    The conventional cleaning methods like power washing or strong acid chemicals can easily damage coatings and surfaces. With our smart TankActivClean application we extend the lifetime of the facility.

  • Improves the water quality

    Organic and inorganic deposits, biofilm and corrosive sediments will accumulate the water facilities. With clean surfaces the water cannot get influences from deposits and it keeps the disinfectant residual on a high level.

  • Stabilizes free chlorine power

    When the facilities are clean, it will lower the chlorine demand, reduces flushing costs of the system, extend the infrastructure life and without the biological substrates it will lead to less formation of disinfection-by-products (DBPs).

TankActivClean with TOPIX + OXIX

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