CettaClear for advanced flocculation

A complete water treatment is not a single step process. It is always a multistep process of different purifications in sequence where each step is designed specifically for the purification requirements of the water body that needs to be treated.

Sand filtering is one of the most common processes used in water purification. This is because sand filters are relatively easy to operate and very economically to maintain.

Coagulation and flocculation represent important stages in the treatment process for surface water due to legislative requirements regarding organic matter in drinking water.

When CettaClear is used, either by itself or in combination with CettaFloc (modern kind of flocculant), the flocculation is much quicker and more stable. As a result of tests undertaken in European laboratories, our bioflocculant CettaClear increases performance of aluminium based coagulants.

This technology is efficient and effective in the removal of colloidal contaminants and microorganisms as small as 1 nanometer. Using this technology, Mösslein is able use an ordinary sand filter to produce water with excellent turbidity parameters.

CettaClear offers extraordinary success even with low temperatures. Besides, it is anticorrosive and not carcinogenic when used alongside with aluminium based coagulants. It is the solution for an effective reduction of TOC, DOC, BDOC and it increases the efficiency in reducing bacteria.

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